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Posted on by SRT-8HellKat

It’s not good when it takes hours to go from level 40 to 50 like a slot machine. Need a easier way to level up to 50, like when you buy a level 20,30 or 40 kit. It’s not right I can’t level my car up in headquarters & have to go to the tuner shop after I was just in headquarters buying the car. I hate those road jaggies that make your car wreck for no reason. I’ve yet to have anyone in my crew for more than 10 minutes. I seem to always drive alone which totally goes against Ivory Tower/UbiSoft video captions at the end of their videos.Why are there no cars you can change the fenders on?¿ Where’s the rest of the license plates. Ok, I found most of them in the awards section of the game.I’m guessing they want a person to play the game for ages to come. Lol. Why are some vehicles not in the same vehicle specs line in the collection tabs ?¿ example the Dodge Ram truck has 2 separate listing info in the vehicle collection tabs. Why is there no color selection for tire rims except for those 5 or so rims. I want color choice. Those would be my main grips I can think of now or since the game came out. I give The Crew an 8.5 out of 10.

There is also my latest YouTube video on the Crew The Crew L.A. High Way Child Markers 35 To 49 Finish Using Circuit Mini Cooper. Recorded on Pc using SmartPixel, does all the functions you would want in a Pc screen recorder, also has PIP, an Full function editor, can use webcam 4 PIP & you can  also overlay your own audio after the fact. It may have cost 50 US Dollars, but well worth it

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  1. Bezrider January 25, 2015 at 9:28 am -

    Bad luck on the finish, drove all that way for over an hour to get piped at the post. 🙁

  2. SRT-8HellKat January 25, 2015 at 5:18 pm -

    When I play Faction missions, I’m only in it for the money. I like 2 have 1.5 mill so I can buy my next car. 1 car alone even with discounts & leveling up to level 50 costs me an easy half mill. I don’t like my bank account to go much under 1 mill. So as long as I get the 80,000, I’m happy

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