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The other thing that was clearly not covered anywhere officially is how to set up the steering controls to make the cars drive more to your liking. My personal preferences are more arcade than what seems to be achievable for me in the crew. I found some articles on adjusting the gamepad controls. Here they are as follows,

(1) Steering Sensitivity:
This affects the response time of your steering – basically how fast you turn the wheel. At very low settings the car becomes extremely sluggish and difficult to control. At very high settings, the car becomes ultra responsive and eager to corner. Too high and the car becomes ‘twitchy’. At high speeds with steering speed factor set to high, however, you are able to keep control fairly well and get very responsive controls. Setting this to high makes driver error less forgiving, however. At medium you get excellent stability at the loss of some corner-in at high speed. Medium is far more forgiving to driver error. I recommend medium to high setting for this, depending on your cornering tendency and personal skill (high is harder to control).

(2) Steering Linearity:
This is hard to describe – it affects how profoundly your car turns. At minimum, the car has a more gradual turn, giving a more ‘Forza’ feel. At max, your turn is much more pronounced, giving it more of a ‘NFS’ flavor.
After some further testing of this setting on Sebring (so cool that this track is in game!) I’d say that this setting is more “analog” at low settings and “digital” at high settings. Setting linearity to low will allow for more control with the analog stick (like Forza). Mashing it down all the time actually caused me stability problems, but it also allowed me to baby the analog stick for improved stability. With linearity set to high you get that NFS feel for sure, it’s very easy to control. This comes down to flavor. Lower this if you want to use more of the analog stick and have more control, raise it if you mash the stick to the left and right and don’t worry about finesse and tiny adjustments. Right in the middle feels good for me.

(3) Steering Speed Factor:
This one fixes a lot of problems people have with the game. At low settings, the car very easily fishtails at high speed and is almost impossible to control. At highest settings, it is much easier to maintain control of the car at high speed and recover. The higher the setting, the less twitch you get at high speed. I reccomend maxing this one all the way out.

(4) Steering Dead zone is just how far from the default stick position you have to move it before it considers it as input. High setting will be sluggish and low will be responsive.

(5) Throttle and brake linearity again are just how many steps there are along the way from minimum to maximum depression of the triggers. Low settings will basically be digital, where a little trigger equals full throttle. High settings will allow you to modulate input with the throttle curve more closely following the depression of the trigger. Braking is the same, but brakes. Easily tested by changing it and playing with the trigger range of motion.


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