About CrewZine

CrewZine is a Magazine style blog about The Crew Game, over time it will grow to contain Tricks & Tips, photos and the latest news and information on the game.

It will also act as a link to the TDU Drivetime forums where all of the articles posted here can be discussed.

We are always looking for volunteer’s to write articles on CrewZine so if you think you’ve got something interesting to say about The Crew Game then get in touch below.

If you would like to write articles for the magazine (it doesn’t have to be on a regular basis, one off content will also be considered) or you think you have something interesting to add to the magazine about anything related to The Crew Game, maybe an in-depth how-to or something on the factions system or maybe you produce regular videos on the game then get in touch below.

All accepted articles will be fully credited to the author and regular contributors will be given access to post his/her own articles. We may also be able to provide help with photos videos to accompany the articles if needed.


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